What is VPN?

The Office of Information Technology, in providing better service to the University community, secures some of its services so they can only be used by computers on the Rutgers Network. That means those services will not be directly available through Internet Service Providers (ISPs) from off-campus, but instead must be accessed through the Rutgers Virtual Private Network (VPN). In addition to configuring VPN client software, VPN users will need to use their Rutgers NetID (username) and passwords.

What software do I need to use the VPN, and where can I obtain it?

Connecting to the VPN Server may require a piece of software called a VPN client. VPN clients are available for all major operating systems. Detailed information on the available clients and their configuration is provided on the Telecommunications Division Wiki.



Where can I go for help?

Help with configuring and using the VPN software is available in two ways.

  1. Help by E-mail
    Help with connecting to the VPN Server is available through e-mail. Users who are having problems with the VPN should contact the help e-mail address for the system upon which they have an account. The help e-mail addresses are:
    System Contact E-mail
    eden help@eden.rutgers.edu
    rci help@rci.rutgers.edu
    andromeda help@andromeda.rutgers.edu
    pegasus help@pegasus.rutgers.edu
    clam help@clam.rutgers.edu
    crab help@crab.rutgers.edu
  2. Help By Phone
    Help is also available by contacting the OIT Help Desk for your specific campus:
    Campus Phone Number
    New Brunswick 848-445-HELP (4357)
    Newark 973-353-5083
    Camden 856-225-6274