NetID/Email Policy

As part of a process to make computing at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, more user-friendly and secure, the university will no longer use social security numbers to authenticate student, faculty, and staff when using computer-related systems.

A NetID system is being launched to provide members of the university community with faster electronic communication of official notices from administrative and academic units, as well as improved access to web-based services. The NetID is a university-wide identification that will be used to login to computer applications and services throughout the university.

To accommodate this system, the following policies have been established, effective July 1, 2003:

  • All Rutgers students are required to have a NetID and an associated password by September 30, 2003 and all Rutgers faculty and staff are required to have a NetID and password by October 30, 2003.

    Individuals who have an account on one of the campus system (eden, pegasus, clam, rci, andromeda, or crab) or in RIAS already have a NetID – their username.

    Individuals who need a NetID may create one by going to the web site, and choosing the link for their campus.

    Individuals who are unsure whether they have a NetID should check by using the NetID Query Page. If a NetID exists, but the password is not known, individuals may contact the campus computing help desk on their campus for assistance:

    Camden: 856-225-6274 or
    Newark: 973-353-5083 or
    New Brunswick: 732-445-HELP or


  • All students, faculty, and staff must register and keep up to date email addresses in the Rutgers directory, and regularly read email sent to that address.

    Individuals may update their entry in the Rutgers Online Directory by using the directory update application for students or faculty and staff.


All university units are asked to assist students, faculty and staff in creating NetIDs and setting themselves up to read email.

It is expected that existing computing systems that use social security numbers to authenticate users will transition to NetID and all new computing systems that require authentication will use NetID.


Academic and staff deans are asked to ensure student compliance by September 30. Students may obtain a NetID and register for an email account at the web site Personal email account information may be updated in the Rutgers Online Directory by visiting

Faculty and Staff

Vice presidents, deans, directors and department heads are asked to ensure faculty and staff compliance by October 30, 2004. Furthermore, as part of the hiring process, this policy requires departments to assist new employees in creating NetIDs and to ensure their email address information is in the Rutgers Online Directory.

Departments will be asked to manage NetID's for Type 4 employees on a case-by-case basis according to the responsibilities and requirements of the job.

Employees with personal computers who do not have a NetID or email account, may create one at Employees may also update their email account information at the Rutgers Online Directory at To accommodate employees who have limited or no daily access to a computer, departments may dedicate a computer area (kiosk) where employees can establish a NetID and an email account and check their email on a regular basis. Departments also may opt to allow employees to visit the nearest campus computing lab.

These options may not address every possible departmental situation. In some instances, supervisors may need to provide other means for sharing official notices with employees such as posting official email notices on a centrally located bulletin board or distributing printed copies to employees at the start of the workday or at staff meetings.

Supervisors are responsible for ensuring that each employee receives official notices in a timely manner, whether by email or in writing.

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