Rutgers-UMDNJ Integration - Sakai Email

Subject: Your account name at is changing June 25

You are getting this email because you have an account at

Welcome to Rutgers. As you may know, the transition of usernames and email addresses starts June 25.

You currently login to Sakai with your UMD email address.

Early June 25, your account will be renamed. After that change, you will login to Sakai with your Rutgers NetID, which is the same as your UMD RUID. Your will have access to exactly the same sites and information on Sakai. The only thing that changes is the name that you use to login.

Temporarily, Sakai will recognize both your existing Sakai password and the password for your Rutgers NetID (which is normally the same as your current UMD password).

Name you type to Sakai when you login:
New: netid

Password you type to Sakai when you login: Old: sent to you by email when your account was opened New: your normal Rutgers password, but old Sakai password still works

Email address Sakai will use for mailing lists:

Sakai-based email lists may be an issue. As of June 25, Sakai will start using your new Rutgers email address to send mail to you. If everything goes according to plan, both your old and new addresses will work for a few months. So this should be OK.

However if you send mail to a mailing list at Sakai, Sakai will only accept the mail if the address in the "From" field of your message matches your official address. So if you send mail to a Sakai mailing list using your UMD email address, it will fail.

Our understanding is that as of June 25, UMD mail systems will be adjusted to use your new Rutgers address in the From field. So that should work. But if you send mail from home, or from a system that has not been updated, Sakai may reject your mail. The solution is to update your mail program so that the mail address it uses is your new Rutgers mail address.

Several addresses will get mail to you. However there is a single official mail address registered for you. That's the one Sakai expects to see. Starting July 1, you will be able to change the address that is registered to you. But for the moment, you should use