Project History

Fall 2011

Google @ Rutgers (ScarletApps) In Full Swing

The Office of Information Technology is pleased to announce the production implementation of the Rutgers Google Apps for Education suite. The new service is called ScarletApps and it includes the most popular Google Apps - Gmail, Docs, Calendar, etc. as well as the recent addition of many of the applications formerly available only with personal Google accounts.

Originally planned to rollout to the student population as each new class enters the system, it became clear during beta testing that a more aggressive rollout would be needed to meet the demand for this popular service.

New incoming and transfer students are currently offered ScarletMail accounts by default as their primary Rutgers account during the NetID activation and services selection process. Now, any active student, faculty or staff member may activate the new service here or by selecting the ScarletApps tab on the myRutgers portal.

This new service provides a large repository of resources that can enrich the learning, instructional and work environments for Rutgers students, faculty and staff.

Spring 2011

The Rutgers implementation of Google Apps for Education, ScarletApps, is now available to any faculty, staff or student interested in opening an account and taking advantage of popular Google applications including Gmail, Docs, Calendar, Video, Sites, and Groups. The beta testing of both student and faculty groups was successfully completed and the rollout of the production service has begun. All incoming and transfer students for the fall 2011 class will be offered ScarletMail accounts as their primary Rutgers account.

This application suite provides the latest technology to allow ease of sharing and effective communications that can greatly enhance the learning experience for students. In the education suite there are no distracting advertisements and new applications are added as they become available.

It is anticipated that this new resource will be integrated with existing systems as the project moves forward. Feedback from the faculty beta testing suggested a high level of student acceptance and faculty enthusiasm for use of ScarletApps in their curriculums.


Fall 2010

As a result of university-wide student input, the Office of Information Technology is in the first phases of implementing Google Apps for Education at Rutgers. The new service has been christened, ScarletApps. The project is scheduled to take several years to complete. A number of universities have transitioned to Google Mail and Apps, and a few departments within Rutgers have small scale implementations already in progress. The plan is to provision ScarletMail accounts to all incoming and transfer students for the fall 2011 semester.

In October 2010, a beta of ScarletApps started with student testing of Google Apps for Education, which includes Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Sites, Chat, Video, Groups, and Start Page. The results of the testing were very encouraging; the final survey revealed that a large majority of participating students were in favor of moving forward with the implementation. It was clear from the many positive comments that students were enthusiastic about the advantages that ScarletApps will bring to their learning experience at Rutgers.

The next phase of the beta is to test Google Apps in the classroom for instructional use. In the spring 2011 semester, some members of the Rutgers faculty will be utilizing ScarletApps in their courses. They have volunteered to participate in this important effort to identify various ways ScarletApps may be of value in the teaching/learning process.

The Google Apps for Education @ Rutgers service is currently available to the beta participants and is not for general use at this time.

Fall 2011

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