ScarletApps FAQ

    What type of encryption is used? Is it SSL?

    Yes. Encrypted (TLS/SSL) connections are enforced for all web browser sessions.
    All Google Apps services have the ability to be configured to require access using encryption. Encryption is also required for access to mail data by third party clients. The mobile email client also uses encrypted access to ensure the privacy of communications. Encryption is not offered on the Start Page service at this time. Since SSL is enabled on the ScarletMail domain, you will not be able to see your mail in the Gmail gadget on the Google Apps Start Page since it is not served over SSL.

    What is Google Drive?

    With Google Drive, you can securely upload any file or folder to the web and access the most up-to-date versions of those files from anywhere. You can access Google Drive in your web browser and you can also download the Drive application to your Mac, PC, Android or iOS devices to seamlessly access files across any of these devices (Note: You can only connect to one Google account using the downloaded Drive application). The Google Drive online interface looks similar to today's Google documents list with a number of improvements, including new ways to organize your files and enhanced search functionality.

    Each user will have unlimited storage space for their Google Drive.
    Please note that ScarletApps users will not have the ability to purchase additional storage.

    For more information on Google Drive, please visit or the Google Drive Help Center

    Why are Google Apps for Education @ Rutgers slightly different from similar services that are provided by Google publicly?

    The difference is mostly on the look and feel of these applications. Also, Google also delegates control of the Google Apps for Education @ Rutgers and user accounts to Rutgers. Rutgers has not enabled all applications available to users. For a current list of available ScarletApps, see Available Apps.

    How do I configure my desktop mail client for ScarletMail?

    Reminder: This service uses your Google Mobile password
    We have created documentation for the following mail clients:

    For more information on how to configure your client/device for IMAP/POP access, visit: or or or

    What bandwidth or other limits are on ScarletApps?

    To help keep the system healthy and the accounts safe, all Scarlet Apps accounts have a limited amount of bandwidth. Certain activities that transfer large amounts of data in a short period of time, like synchronizing a ScarletMail account to a mobile phone or mail client, can cause an account to reach these limit.

    The following limits apply to ScarletMail and ScarletDrive. These limits may change without notice in order to protect the ScarletApps infrastructure.