ScarletApps FAQ

     What Rutgers email addresses do I have access to?

    You can identify what Rutgers email addresses you have access to at, click the "Manage Email Addresses" link. You will be able to identify your alias, delivery, and official Rutgers email addresses. 

    If you are a current student, faculty member, staff member, guest or alumni with Rutgers and you have activated the ScarletApps service at the "Service Activation" link on the same website, you will have access to a Scarletmail account. ScarletMail is the official email service for Rutgers affiliates. You can access this account at by selecting the “Mail” application. You would log in with your and your NetID password.

    If you are a current faculty or staff member within the university, you are most likely auto-provisioned for a Connect (Office 365) account. Connect is slowly removing and replacing RCI accounts. Connect accounts are mostly administered within a department. Most departments have migrated to Connect, but the goal is to have all departments migrated in the near future. For existing users in a department that are not yet migrated, you will have to wait until your department has migrated your account or request one from your departmental IT personnel.  

    Your alias addresses are personalized email addresses typically in the form of “” to provide an alternate, professional display. It allows the option of a different public address aside from your typical NetID address to provide to others. All mail sent to any alias address that you publicly display will be sent to your delivery address(es). Your delivery addresses can be your Scarletmail account, your Connect account, and/or a personal account depending on your role with the university. Your official Rutgers email address is the email address displayed for others that wish to locate your contact information through

    How do I create an alias for my Rutgers email?

    To create an email alias for your Rutgers email address please follow the steps below
    1. Navigate to

    2. Under personalized addresses, you may create an email alias and click the Add Personalized Address button to add the alias

    After completing the steps above you should be able to receive emails sent to your alias in the accounts listed under delivery email account.

    For further questions, please call the Help Desk at 848-445-4357.

    What type of encryption is used? Is it SSL?

    Yes. Encrypted (TLS/SSL) connections are enforced for all web browser sessions.
    All Google Apps services have the ability to be configured to require access using encryption. Encryption is also required for access to mail data by third party clients. The mobile email client also uses encrypted access to ensure the privacy of communications. Encryption is not offered on the Start Page service at this time. Since SSL is enabled on the ScarletMail domain, you will not be able to see your mail in the Gmail gadget on the Google Apps Start Page since it is not served over SSL.

    Are ScarletApps accounts required for all students?

    Email from Rutgers is sometimes tagged as spam or blocked by external email service providers. For this reason, Rutgers requires you to have a ScarletMail account where all official Rutgers email can be delivered. Other email accounts can be added as additional delivery addresses, but the ScarletMail account can not be removed as a delivery address.

    If you are a Student in a program and you have access to personal health information you may not be able to set ScarletMail as the Official Rutgers Delivery Address . In cases like this your Department will supply you with an additional email account that you may use.

    How can I forward my ScarletMail mail to my non-Rutgers email account?

    We recommend not doing this. Students are required to have ScarletMail accounts so that they can receive official messages from Rutgers. We cannot guarantee delivery of official Rutgers email to non-Rutgers accounts.

    The recommended way of accomplishing something like what you want is to list your personalized address as your official Rutgers address. You can then have that alias deliver to both your ScarletMail and your external account addresses.  You can prefer to read the copies on the external account, but if a message fails to be delivered there, you can find the copy on the ScarletMail account.  Please make sure to log into your ScarletMail account every so often to delete any unneeded duplicate messages.

    You can make the above settings through the "Manage Email Addresses" link on the website.

    Can I forward my Connect mail to my personal account?

    The Acceptable Use Policy no longer allows automatic forwarding from Rutgers Connect. Rutgers Connect is the official email and calendaring solution for all Rutgers business. This is necessary to provide effective business continuity and eDiscovery with Rutgers business data.
    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but to keep it safe and secure you are unable to forward mail from Rutgers Connect.