Available Apps

The ScarletApps suite includes the core Google hosted applications: Gmail, Docs, Calendar, Talk, Video, and Sites. In addition to the core suite, Google has added dozens of additional apps.

Contractual terms and conditions have been negotiated that protect the privacy and confidentiality of data associated with the core suite, the additional apps however have their own Google Terms of Service. You can view the additional Terms of Service by viewing the link above or by clicking on Terms of Service on the bottom of most application web sites.

Additional apps enabled on ScarletApps

App or Service Name Description
3D Warehouse 3D modeling use with Google Earth
Blogger blog service
Fusion Tables Sharing Data/tables
Google Analytics Stats/Analyze Web Page hits/traffic
Google App Engine Build and Maintain web applications
Google Bookmarks Share/access bookmarks
Google Books Search for Books (preview or free)
Google Chrome Sync Sync google chrome settings across multiple systems
Google Code Official code developer site
Google Custom Search Tool to create a custom search engine
Google Desktop Google desktop sidebar
Google Finance Help manage stocks/quoates/charts
Google Friend Connect Add social features to your website
Google Groups - Already ON Users can create groups (mailing lists, share docs, etc..) - Already turned on
Google Help Help Info
Google Hotspot Rate places and share (restaurants, etc..)
Google in Your Language Can translate google help info into your langauage
Google Latitude Share your location with friends
Google Map Maker See and update google maps
Google Maps Use Google Maps
Google Moderator Audience Voting, Gather opinions
Google News News Stories
Google Places Rates stores, places, etc..
Google Public Data Makes available large data sets that are public
Google Reader Helps reading multiple web sites/blogs by checking for content changes
Google Sidewiki Allows people to add comments to web page on the side
Google Squared Google search tool
Google Subscribed Links custom search results/links for web pages
Google Translator Toolkit Aids in translating docs and other work
Google Voice Some free (and some not free) voice services, including one number for all phones, free US phone calls, etc.
Google Webmaster Tools Improve web site visibility
iGoogle Personalized google start page
Knol Create/publish web content
orkut Social Networking and Discussion Site
Panoramio Photos of the world
Picasa Web Albums Photos
Shopping List Create shopping list and share
Web History Manage your web access/history
Website Optimizer Website testing and optimization
YouTube YouTube connection