Rutgers-UMDNJ Integration - Technology



On July 1, 2013, most of the schools and units of UMDNJ were transferred to Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey.

For the most part, the transition was transparent for the majority of users. For example, there are no changes to how users log into the portal or CORE network. For nearly all, the ID and password remained the same.

Users should contact their technology services organization for any school-specific changes that may impact them.

Help Desks

All users should continue to contact the Service Center for assistance by calling 732-743-3200 (3-3200) or by emailing Calls or emails requesting password resets will be directed to the Rutgers Help Desk:


Campus Help Desk

732-743-3200 (3-3200) contact_us01.shtml



New Brunswick
848-445-HELP (4357)


RBHS Service Center Caller Menu

RBHS Service Center Caller Menu
Hours: 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Monday - Friday
3-3200 - (732)743-3200

Logon and Password protocols will remain the same as they were in Legacy UMDNJ. If problems are experienced logging on, please contact the Service Center.

Main Greeting - Select 1 - for all Passwords, Pass Codes, Authorization Codes or Pin Issues
   Secondary Menu:
      Select 2 - University Hospital
      Select 3 - for all Rutgers NetID issues - calls will be transferred to the Rutgers New Brunswick Help Desk

If the request is not time critical, individuals may continue to email us at If this is a logon/password issue, please contact the Service Center directly so that we may help immediately.

NetID Conversion

All persons must have a unique ID termed the NetID (UMDNJ's term was RUID). Everything possible has been done to keep IDs unchanged but a few persons at Rutgers and UMDNJ have had their ID changed during the last few months. All affected have been notified.

NetID Activation

Legacy UMDNJ persons who have changed their password after 4/1/2013 do not need to activate their NetID, those that have not changed their password since then will need to activate their NetID. New persons to Rutgers (after June 26, 2013) are assigned a Rutgers NetID and must select a password to activate their NetID.

Go to: and click on Activate NetID.

Password Reset

Legacy UMDNJ persons will use the same password with their Rutgers NetID as they did with their UMDNJ RUID, unless they already were a member of Rutgers and had a NetID. Legacy UMDNJ persons, who also already had a NetID and password at Rutgers, will need to reset their password to move to a single password for their NetID.

Security Questions Set-up: All Legacy UMDNJ persons will need to establish 3 new security questions and their answers, which are used to enable resetting of their password if they forget it. If security questions were not established, persons will be prompted to set them up during password reset or the password expiration process.

Go to and click on Manage NetID Password on the left bar. If the user forgot their password, they can click on Forgotten Password or call the local Campus Help Desk (above). All persons are required to establish 3 security questions before being able to reset their password.

Legacy UMDNJ Web Portal

Please note that the URL for the UMDNJ web portal has changed to (formerly

Email Conversions

Email addresses have changed to a Rutgers domain. The new email address is, where "netid" is the personal identifier and "unit" is the school, institute, or unit the user is affiliated with as of that date.

Users may look up their email address at Email addresses may change as the reorganization proceeds.

Please note that only a person's email address changed; the email account remains intact (i.e. existing email, folders, address book did not change).


Selecting an email address: Rutgers allows users to select a personalized email address. For example, Dr. John Doe at RWJMS with netid doej, will be assigned Dr. Doe could select or as his personalized email address. Messages to both the assigned and selected email addresses will arrive in the same inbox and are processed identically. No additional work, other than selecting a personal email address is required to use this service.


Additionally, once a personalized email address is setup (, this address will automatically be setup to send to This service is set up for users and they do not need to set up this step. The email address will be set up about an hour after setting up a personalized email address.

Please refer to the following example for clarity:

This means any email sent to or j will deliver to


Go to and click on Manage Email Addresses on the left bar.

Email Forwarding

Current UMDNJ email addresses reflect the current Rutgers email structure. Email addresses will be issued that correspond to a school and /or unit in the form of, where xxx is the current ID (e.g., The following email domains have been created in support of this effort:

  • (NJ Medical School)
  • (Robert Wood Johnson Medical School)
  • (School of Nursing)
  • (School of Health Related Professions)
  • (School of Public Health)
  • (Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences)
  • (University Behavioral Health Care)
  • (Cancer Institute of New Jersey)
  • (School of Dental Medicine)
  • (Central Administration)


The link is provided for convenience to determine what a person's new email address will be. If the email address does not correspond to the respective school or unit, users should send an email to with their current school or unit details.

All users have the appropriate domain added to their current ID. The following changes have been made:

  • Exchange Users - Exchange user's outbound mail will have a default reply address of and no desktop client reconfiguration will be necessary.
  • SUN Users - Sun email system users using a desktop client will require reconfiguration of account settings to reflect the new email address. The following link provides instructions for users to modify the settings on several email clients. Select "email" and "How do I access my new email account"

    If a person is strictly a Sun webmail user, no action is necessary. If assistance is required with client configuration, please call the IST Help Desk at 732-743-3200 (3-3200) or contact the local support group.

Email Auto-Reply Services
There will be a transitional period where the current email addresses will be phased out. The following schedule for email auto-replies has been established to automatically reply to external addresses with the new address.

July 1, 2013 - September 1, 2013

No Changes
On day one of the integration through September 1, 2013, email delivery will remain intact with inbound email destined to a address delivered to the appropriate forwarding address (i.e.,

September 1, 2013 - May 1, 2014

Email delivery with auto replies to external senders
During the second phase, email delivery will remain intact with inbound email destined to a address delivered to the appropriate forwarding address. In addition, inbound email destined to a address will receive an auto reply stating the email address has changed and will include the recipient's new email address.

May 1, 2014 - July, 1 2014

Email not delivered; Auto replies sent
Phase 3 will automatically notify the sender that the address is not deliverable and must be resent using the new address.


Each phase serves an important purpose. Here are some issues for the user to keep in mind as they transition to a new email.

a) Email sent from mailing lists almost always ignore auto-replies.

b) When a large number of auto-replies are sent there is a significant chance that the sending domain will be blacklisted (i.e. Internet service provider may reject all email sent from a Rutgers email domain). It takes 3-5 days to clear such problems during which all mail sent from the blacklisted domain will be rejected by the domain that blacklisted us.

c) Incoming emails will be forwarded to the new address, but after a few months most users forget which address still needs to be updated. The auto-reply will remind the sender to update addresses but relying on the sender to make the necessary correction is usually ineffective. Addresses that are not updated in the first few months, usually get updated only after an important reminder is not received.

Beginning July 1, all email users are strongly encouraged to:

  • update any email subscriptions such as internal and external mailing lists to avoid any loss of business continuity post July 1, 2014.
  • conclude email message with a note requesting that the email recipient make note of the new email address
  • include the new email address in the email signature


Email on Smart Phones and Tablet

Those utilizing smart devices should have already updated their device's email account to reflect the new email address. The devices will continue to function with the current account information, but should be updated with the latest account information.

Legacy UMDNJ users who use an iPhone or an iPad may notice that the sender is copied when replying to all. The solution for this issue is to have the user replace their legacy email address ( with their newly assigned email address ( For step-by-step instructions, click here.

Please contact the RBHS Service Center for assistance.

Rutgers Computer Labs

Computers in Rutgers OIT computer labs can be accessed using NetID and password.

Go to for more information on computer labs in New Brunswick.

Go to for more information on computer labs in Newark.

Go to for more information on computer labs in Camden.

Legacy UMDNJ labs will continue to be available.

Rutgers Wireless

Rutgers wireless environments can be accessed using NetID and password. The SSID names of the Rutgers wireless networks are RUWireless (unencrypted) and RUWireless_Secure (encrypted).

For more information on wireless, go to

Rutgers Printing

Access to Rutgers print resources is controlled by Rutgers ID card. Printing in the Rutgers OIT computer labs will be available when new ID cards are issued. If printing is needed before a new ID card is issued, please see the computer lab staff for assistance.

For more information on semi-annual printing allowances, go to

Web Page Transitioning

Legacy UMDNJ web pages will continue to be transitioning to Rutgers pages.

Directory Search

Individuals can search for people, websites, buildings, events, and University units at Rutgers University.  

Names are typically entered as "firstName lastName" or "lastName, firstName" (with a comma). firstName, lastName, or both can be partial. Wildcard * character may be used to fill in gaps where spelling is a concern (e.g., D*t*ry matches Doughtery or Daughtry.) Otherwise it is assumed at the end of each literal. If only one field is entered it is assumed to be the last name. To match only the first name precede the firstName with a comma. "lastName, firstName" format is recommended since multiple-word first or last names are less ambiguous. Under this format, every character before the comma is considered part of the last name and every character after the comma is considered part of the first name.


Mailing Lists

  • Rutgers Automated Mailing System (RAMS) is used for administrative mailing lists. RBHS faculty, staff, and students receive official communications via RAMS lists.
  • Mailman is another mass email list service used for University affiliated ad-hoc mailing lists. The RBHS community can be members of Mailman lists, but they cannot create/own Mailman lists at this time.

For more information, go to


Legacy UMDNJ users use Moodle by accessing the new Moodle url: as it continues to be the recommended platform for RBHS courses.

Some legacy UMDNJ users have access to Sakai via their UMDNJ email address. Access to Sakai will transition to NetID and password as of July 1. Click here to view the email that was sent to these legacy UMDNJ users informing them of the change in accessing Sakai.

Software Portal

For RBHS owned computers, software is available through the legacy UMDware processes. The University Software Portal provides RBHS faculty, staff and students with free and discounted software for personally owned (non-RBHS) computers. Additional products will be made available as licensing agreements are addressed.

To view available software through the University Software Portal, please visit

Hardware/Software/Technology Procurement

Hardware, software and other technology is available through the legacy UMDware processes.

Computer Repair

Legacy UMDNJ repair services remain unchanged.

For personally owned devices, Rutgers computer repair services are provided on the New Brunswick and Newark campuses.

In New Brunswick, the Rutgers Tech Store provides authorized warranty service for Apple, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, and Lenovo. Students covered by an available RU Protection Plan are eligible for a loaner laptop while their computer is being serviced. See for more information.

In Newark, please contact for assistance.

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