Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I manually configure Mac OSX for RuWireless?

    MacOS/OSX Damaged or Corrupted Installer 


    If you are on MacOS/OSX and are unable to run the .dmg installer to configure your device for RUWireless Secure, and you receive an error stating that the Installer is “damaged or corrupted”, please try to redownload the installer to ensure that it is not a download issue. If the error still occurs, please use the following remediation procedure: 

    1. Click the Apple symbol in the top left corner 

    1. Select “System Preferences” 

     3. In the first row, click “Security and Privacy”


    1. Ensure that you are looking at the “General” tab 

    1. If the lock symbol is closed, click it to unlock the settings, and enter your computer's password. To do this, you must have Admin access.