Email Encryption for Rutgers Connect

With the adoption of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), all communication containing Protected Health Information (PHI) must be encrypted. To ensure the confidentiality of private information sent via email and comply with privacy HIPAA regulations, Rutgers Connect uses an encryption service through Zix Corporation, the leader in email encryption services. This service helps us protect our customer’s sensitive medical information within our email communication.

Email encryption through Zix is only enabled for those who have PHI flags. The PHI flag is in place to denote those who have access to Protected Health Information (PHI) and must abide by HIPAA regulation on how to store or send their email.

For both our employees and our customers, Zix Corporation makes encrypted email communication easy. ZixCorp’s services allow us to send encrypted email messages to anyone, whether they are a ZixCorp customer or not.

Secure messaging is not just a Government mandate; it is a practical way to conduct business. Email is not a private conversation; unencrypted email messages can be intercepted and read. The following documentation pages will help you understand our encrypted email initiatives.