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Selecting a New Default Address in Rutgers Connect

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On October 23, 2016, OIT will roll out a new procedure for configuring your Rutgers Connect account to have a default address other than your

Please check back on 10/23/16 for information and instructions on the new procedure.

Update: Sending from an Alternate Email Address in Rutgers Connect

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Rutgers Connect currently has the ability to allow you to send mail from your Personalized Email Address, however you cannot set your Personalized Email Address to be the default address to send mail from.

The Office of Information Technology is currently working with Microsoft to find a solution to this issue, however there is no estimated date of a resolution.

For information on how to send email from an alternate email address, please visit:

Mobile Device Management Policy for RBHS Staff and Guests

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For information regarding the activation of Mobile Device Management (MDM) for RBHS Staff/Guests using Rutgers Connect, please read the Mobile Device Management Policy.