Enabling Mobile Device Management / Android for Work on Android Devices

Important Notice:

The Office of Information Technology implemented updates for Rutgers Connect on mobile devices February 4, 2019. The updates are necessary for data protection and stability. In most cases, these updates will be transparent, though you may be prompted to re-enter your password.

If you set up Rutgers Connect before this date, you may not have the Android for work environment set up as described below. If you do wish to use Android for Work, you can remove and readd your account following the directions here.

Adding Rutgers Connect and the Android for Work Profile

IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR RBHS USERS: Before attempting to enable a device you must check to see if there is data stored in the removable media card in the phone. Files stored in removable the media card must be copied to another storage location before attempting to enable a device. Files in the media card may become lost if not saved at this time. It is recommended those files are copied from the removable media card to a computer as there may not be enough internal storage on the phone.

To set up a Rutgers Connect account on your Android device, you must first download and install the Company Portal app, which will create an “Android for Work” environment. You can learn more about Android for work here, but in short, it creates a dedicated work environment on your device where you can access protected content while keeping it separate from your personal data. The steps below outline setting this up on your Android device.

If you are having problems with an existing configuration of Rutgers Connect on your device, please remove the account using the steps here, then return and add it again using the steps below.

To begin, open the Play Store app on your device, search for “Intune” and select the option to Install the Intune Company Portal app.

Once you have downloaded the app, select Open and you will see the Company Portal login screen. Select Sign in.

Enter your full Rutgers Connect login email address, which will be your netid@domain.rutgers.edu.

Enter your NetID password.

You will see the below loading screen, and eventually be prompted to continue setup. Select Continue.


IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR RBHS USERS: The following steps will walk you through securing the mobile device. Samsung/Android devices ship with a removable media card. Any files stored in the removable media card will be lost after enrolling and securing the Android device. Make sure to follow the steps at the beginning of this document before proceeding to save those files. The removable media card will no longer be accessible after the device has been secured with the Mobile Device Management (MDM) system.

You will see Rutgers University privacy information, specifically what information can and cannot see on your device, select Continue. You will also be prompted to allow work profile permissions and encrypt your device, select Next.


You will then be prompted to set up the Android for work profile. Select Accept and Continue.

You will see a series of loading screens as your device sets up a work profile.



You will next see a screen showing that the work profile has been created and that now you should activate it and update device settings. Select Continue.

You will see a series of screens as the profile is activated.


Next, you will see one final screen, to finish registering the device with Rutgers University. Select Continue.

You will now see confirmation that your device has been set up successfully. Select Done.

When you look at your apps drawer, you will now see two different tabs - Personal and Work. If you use a Samsung Android device, you will see a "Workspace" folder that contains these apps. All of your protected work apps will be under the Work tab or Workspace folder, and you will notice that they have a small briefcase icon in the bottom right corner. This indicates that the app is a work app, and is especially important as you will have two copies of some apps, such as Gmail, Contacts, and Calendar. Only the apps in the Work tab can access your Rutgers services. You can pin these apps to your home screen like any other app on your device. 


The first time you access your email using the Gmail app, you will be prompted to re-enter your NetID password. Enter your password and select Next.


You will be prompted to update your security settings. Select Update Now. You will be prompted to allow the Gmail app to have administrator access to your device. Please note this only applies to the device’s “for work” content, and not your personal information or apps. Select Activate this device admin app.


You will now be able to access your Rutgers Connect email, calendar, and contacts through the Gmail, Calendar and Contacts applications the “Work” tab of your device.

For more robust features, you can also download the Outlook app from the Play Store in your Work tab.

Removing Rutgers Connect and the Android for Work Profile

Go to the Settings app on your device. You can find it in the app drawer if you have not pinned it to your home screen.

From Settings, select Accounts.

From the Account screen, you will see your Rutgers Connect account. It may show as below, with a string of characters followed by @android-for-work.gserviceaccount.com or as your Rutgers Connect email address. Tap the account from this screen.

From the account detail screen, select Remove Account.

This will have successfully removed your Rutgers Connect account. If you removed it because you were experiencing issues, you can use the directions above to add it again.