Rutgers Connect FAQ

    How can I stop items from being automatically added to my calendar?

    When invited to a meeting or event by another user, you will have the event automatically added to your schedule and marked as tentative. This is done to avoid a third party attempting to schedule an event with you at the same time – if they view your free/busy information they will see that you may possibly be occupied. However, that default behavior may not be suitable for certain users, and they may desire to turn it off. To turn off this feature, open the Outlook desktop client, click the File tab at the top of the program window, then select Options from the list on the left. This will cause a popup to appear; select Mail from its left pane, then scroll down to Tracking and uncheck “Automatically process meeting requests and responses to meeting requests and polls”.

    How can I collect and send email headers in Thunderbird?

    First, open the email whose headers you would like to collect. Next, click “View Source”, which may be found under a dropdown labeled “More” above the email or under “View” in the menu at the top right corner of the Thunderbird window. Then copy all text up to the first blank line and paste it into an email or a document which you can attach to an email. This email can then be sent to the appropriate support staff as directed.

    For more information about email headers, users may wish to view .