Rutgers Connect FAQ

    What tools are available to help in consolidating mail service sources (e.g., mail from Exchange, calendars from Google, contacts from another source) for migration?

    In general, a desktop IMAP mail client is the best tool to use for consolidating sources prior to migration. Speak to your local IT support for details.

    What will happen to services requiring email addresses?

    Since all Rutgers faculty and staff will be migrating to Rutgers Connect, Rutgers services which require a Rutgers email address (rather than just a NetID) will need to be updated to allow addresses to be valid for them.  OIT will work with any department which currently runs such a service and would like assistance in making such a change.

    How do we handle Zix for newly identified HIPPA-compliant users/departments?

    There is ongoing discussion (separate from this project) where the Rutgers Compliance office may be designating department/units as “covered entities”, which means they handle HIPAA data.  This will likely include many of the current RBHS units as well as others within legacy Rutgers.  In the future, all of these covered entities will have their email flow out of Office 365 be handled by Zix for proper HIPAA compliance.   For the current time, if your unit is not part of RBHS and you feel you do handle HIPAA data, please discuss this with OIT during the kick off meetings.  We can route your Office 365 emails through Zix.

    Will departments be blocked from changing MX records after migration is completed?

    This project is part of the President's Strategic plan to move all faculty, staff and guest email services onto a single unified system. After each department's email service is migrated, its MX record needs to be changed to point to to ensure new email delivery is routed to Rutgers Connect correctly.  In the long term, once all migrations are completed, there should be no need for other user-based email services for faculty, staff and guests.  Students and Alumni were moved to ScarletMail (Google Apps for Education) several years ago.  Other special cases (e.g., hardware/software sending out email) can be handled by other methods that OIT has available.  Thus in general, other MX record changes should not be needed.

    How do you attach an email to an email?

    Specific steps will differ according to the mail program you are using.

    In the Office 365 Web interface:

    1. Open the folder containing the message to be attached.
    2. Create a new email message.
    3. Drag the message from the folder list into the new email message.
    4. Address the message and send as usual.

    In the Outlook desktop client:

    1. Open the folder containing the message to be attached.
    2. Highlight the email in question.
    3. Press the CTRL + ALT + F keys.
    4. Address the message and send as usual.

    In Thunderbird:

    1. Open the folder containing the message to be attached.
    2. Create a new email message.
    3. In the Preview Pane, click on the message and drag it into the body of a new message.
    4. Address the message and send as usual.

    Can I keep my old departmental email address? Many of my correspondents use that.

    For many users, the departmental domains will be maintained for the new system, so that mail sent to the old addresses will be delivered to the new Rutgers Connect accounts. These people will also be able to send messages using the old domains. For others, who are merging from domains which are not being maintained, you should give out an "" personalized address, rather than the old domain address, in the future. As plans for migration are made more definite, check with your local IT support for details as to what will be happening with your domain.