Rutgers Connect FAQ

    How do we handle Zix for newly identified HIPPA-compliant users/departments?

    There is ongoing discussion (separate from this project) where the Rutgers Compliance office may be designating department/units as “covered entities”, which means they handle HIPAA data.  This will likely include many of the current RBHS units as well as others within legacy Rutgers.  In the future, all of these covered entities will have their email flow out of Office 365 be handled by Zix for proper HIPAA compliance.   For the current time, if your unit is not part of RBHS and you feel you do handle HIPAA data, please discuss this with OIT during the kick off meetings.  We can route your Office 365 emails through Zix.

    What is Clutter and how do I use it?

    Clutter is an Office 365 tool which moves your low priority messages out of your Inbox so you can easily scan for important messages. Clutter analyzes your email habits, and based on your past behavior, it determines the messages that you’re most likely to ignore. It then moves those messages to a folder called Clutter, where you can review them later.

    When your Office 365 account is created, Clutter is turned off, but it monitors your email reading and turns itself on after a couple of weeks. This may cause some mail to be removed from your Inbox.  If you choose to turn Clutter off again, it will remain off.

    Microsoft has documentation for using Clutter.

    How can I see which of my invitees are available at a certain time when creating a calendar event in Rutgers Connect?

    Office 365 allows users to view the availabilities of all relevant parties when setting up an event, making scheduling easier. 
    To make use of this feature through OWA (, create the event and then invite participants using the “People” tool on the top right. When you add participants, they will show up below in the “Attendees” list with their Free/Busy status. You can change the time or date of the event and the participants’ statuses will update accordingly, helping you to find a time which works for everyone. 

    If you use the Outlook desktop client, create the event and then select “Invite Attendees”. As you add participants, a list of possible meeting times will update to indicate whether everyone is free at that time or if there are participants who would not be able to attend; in the latter case, these participants will be named along with their conflicting event. Additionally, there will be a calendar with Good, Fair, and Poor (based on total availability of all participants) days for the meeting marked.

    How will departmental/resource/group accounts be handled in Rutgers Connect?

    Office 365 offers several different ways to implement departmental/resource/group accounts.  The best method to support is still under investigation by OIT and our consulting/migration vendor (Comparex).  But these type of accounts will be available on Office 365. (They may be a bit different since Office 365 is a different product than what many are currently using, but the functionality will exist).

    Can I forward my Connect mail to my personal account?

    The Acceptable Use Policy no longer allows automatic forwarding from Rutgers Connect. Rutgers Connect is the official email and calendaring solution for all Rutgers business. This is necessary to provide effective business continuity and eDiscovery with Rutgers business data.
    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but to keep it safe and secure you are unable to forward mail from Rutgers Connect. 

    I can’t find some of my messages – is there anywhere I can check besides Clutter and Deleted Items?

    In addition to Clutter and Deleted Items, you should check your top-level folder when a message seems to have gone missing. In Outlook OWA, this folder appears above your inbox and is labeled with your full name (eg Fawn Jones); in desktop clients such as Outlook 2016 or Thunderbird, it is labeled with your email address (eg Once you have opened the top-level folder, you can drag any messages that might be there and drop them into your main inbox or one of its subfolders.

    Will Rutgers Connect have a delegated administration interface for managing accounts within a domain (similar to what Zimbra provides, for example)? What exactly will be delegated?

    There will be some level of administrative delegation available.  OIT hopes to make as much administrative duties delegated to the departmental/unit IT staff as possible (in a secure manner).  The exact nature (what can be delegated) is under investigation by OIT and our migration/consulting partner, Comparex.  Departmental IT responsibilities will not necessarily “go away”, but should be simpler in many areas (including eDiscovery, which will be centralized and handled by OIT).  Delegated administration will be performed via a web-based administration console.