Rutgers Connect FAQ

    Will user passwords need to be changed as part of the migration?

    Office 365 will be using the standard Rutgers NetIDs and passwords, and will access this information via Active Directory.  As part of the migration process, users will need to change their passwords if they have not changed their password since January 2015 in order to update Active Directory. This intial sync wil take 30 minutes before a user can access their Rutgers Connect accounts. 

    All subquent password changes will take 3 minutes to sync to Rutgers Connect. 

    Will Rutgers will have unauthorized access to my mobile device and email through Mobile Device Management? 

    The installation message on the mobile devices is misleading.  Rutgers can only lock the account or remote wipe the device at the request of the account holder in case the device is lost or compromised.  Intune does not give Rutgers access to view or manage the mobile device or email and other applications on the device. 

    How can I collect and send email headers in Thunderbird?

    First, open the email whose headers you would like to collect. Next, click “View Source”, which may be found under a dropdown labeled “More” above the email or under “View” in the menu at the top right corner of the Thunderbird window. Then copy all text up to the first blank line and paste it into an email or a document which you can attach to an email. This email can then be sent to the appropriate support staff as directed.

    For more information about email headers, users may wish to view .

    When will the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) changes be approved? Where is the AUP located?

    There is a process (explained on the web site that is currently being followed to update the policy. 

    The current AUP is located in the above web site and is policy number 70.1.1

    How will departmental/resource/group accounts be handled in Rutgers Connect?

    Office 365 offers several different ways to implement departmental/resource/group accounts.  The best method to support is still under investigation by OIT and our consulting/migration vendor (Comparex).  But these type of accounts will be available on Office 365. (They may be a bit different since Office 365 is a different product than what many are currently using, but the functionality will exist).

    I’m not seeing all my folders in the folder list in Outlook Web Application. How do I see them all?

    When you first log in, the OWA displays only the most recently used folders. A “More” link appears below the folder list.  Click that to see all your folders.  The first set of most recently used folders will appear as “Favorites”, and the list of all folders below that, under your name. A scroll bar will appear next to the folder list, if necessary.

    If a folder has sub-folders, the parent folder will have a “v” symbol next to it.  Click that to see the sub-folders; the “v” turns into “^”.  Click the “^” to hide the sub-folders again.

    Will Rutgers Connect have a delegated administration interface for managing accounts within a domain (similar to what Zimbra provides, for example)? What exactly will be delegated?

    There will be some level of administrative delegation available.  OIT hopes to make as much administrative duties delegated to the departmental/unit IT staff as possible (in a secure manner).  The exact nature (what can be delegated) is under investigation by OIT and our migration/consulting partner, Comparex.  Departmental IT responsibilities will not necessarily “go away”, but should be simpler in many areas (including eDiscovery, which will be centralized and handled by OIT).  Delegated administration will be performed via a web-based administration console.