Rutgers Connect FAQ

    How will Rutgers Connect affect the ability to create Office 365 Education Accounts?


    • Office 365 Education is a collection of services (Office Online (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote), 1TB of OneDrive storage, Yammer, and SharePoint sites) provided by Microsoft to those associated with academic institutions. Office 365 Education accounts are not the same as a Rutgers Connect Account. 
    • Students who wish to obtain free copies of Microsoft Office should vist for information on how to access their free downloads. 

    When will the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) changes be approved? Where is the AUP located?

    There is a process (explained on the web site that is currently being followed to update the policy. 

    The current AUP is located in the above web site and is policy number 70.1.1

    How can I stop items from being automatically added to my calendar?

    When invited to a meeting or event by another user, you will have the event automatically added to your schedule and marked as tentative. This is done to avoid a third party attempting to schedule an event with you at the same time – if they view your free/busy information they will see that you may possibly be occupied. However, that default behavior may not be suitable for certain users, and they may desire to turn it off. To turn off this feature, open the Outlook desktop client, click the File tab at the top of the program window, then select Options from the list on the left. This will cause a popup to appear; select Mail from its left pane, then scroll down to Tracking and uncheck “Automatically process meeting requests and responses to meeting requests and polls”.

    How will email aliases work? Will work as it does today? What type of addresses will be available for a user with NetID XXX on Rutgers Connect?

    The system will still be available and will continue to be able to handle incoming email addressed to and  Also with Rutgers Connect, if your department is placed in a specific domain within the Office 365 tenant (where the domain name is likely some variation of your department name), then addresses like or will also work.  Finally, internal to Office 365, email aliases can also be setup.  During the kick off meeting with each department’s IT staff, this will be discussed more fully.

    Will departments be blocked from changing MX records after migration is completed?

    This project is part of the President's Strategic plan to move all faculty, staff and guest email services onto a single unified system. After each department's email service is migrated, its MX record needs to be changed to point to to ensure new email delivery is routed to Rutgers Connect correctly.  In the long term, once all migrations are completed, there should be no need for other user-based email services for faculty, staff and guests.  Students and Alumni were moved to ScarletMail (Google Apps for Education) several years ago.  Other special cases (e.g., hardware/software sending out email) can be handled by other methods that OIT has available.  Thus in general, other MX record changes should not be needed.

    What will happen to services requiring email addresses?

    Since all Rutgers faculty and staff will be migrating to Rutgers Connect, Rutgers services which require a Rutgers email address (rather than just a NetID) will need to be updated to allow addresses to be valid for them.  OIT will work with any department which currently runs such a service and would like assistance in making such a change.