Rutgers Connect FAQ

    Who is migrating?

    All Rutgers faculty and staff. Rutgers Connect will become the new official email service for all employees.

    Select student workers and guests will have their accounts migrated to Rutgers Connect as per the needs of individual units. Speak to your local IT support people if you have questions about this.

    Will training be available for end users? What type of training?

    Comparex, our migration/consulting partner for this project, offers 3 types of training.

    1. An end user training portal. This will be available in January 2016 and will consist of documents, video, and other info on the Office 365 product, how to use the various tools in this product, and how to effectively collaborate using Office 365.
    2. End user webinars.  Rutgers faculty and staff will be able to sign up and attend live webinars covering Office 365.  This is highly recommended by OIT.  These webinars will also be recorded and available via the above end user portal, for those who cannot attend during the webinar hours or who just want to review the information.
    3. There will be some onsite instruction for IT staff who are the administrators of their domains on the Office 365 tenant to cover administrative delegation.

    Further training will be developed by the OIT Help Desk.

    Will an organization with accounts on multiple email services be migrated per-service or per-department?

    Migration will occur per department and will involve migration from whichever current mail servers the department uses (keeping in mind the one-account-per-person requirement). For example, a department whose members have accounts on both RUMail and RCI will have those accounts migrated at the same time.  Other departments which also have accounts on both RUMail and RCI will have those accounts migrated when it is that department's turn.

    When will the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) changes be approved? Where is the AUP located?

    There is a process (explained on the web site that is currently being followed to update the policy. 

    The current AUP is located in the above web site and is policy number 70.1.1

    Can I forward my Connect mail to my personal account?

    The Acceptable Use Policy no longer allows automatic forwarding from Rutgers Connect. Rutgers Connect is the official email and calendaring solution for all Rutgers business. This is necessary to provide effective business continuity and eDiscovery with Rutgers business data.
    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but to keep it safe and secure you are unable to forward mail from Rutgers Connect. 

    How do we handle Zix for newly identified HIPPA-compliant users/departments?

    There is ongoing discussion (separate from this project) where the Rutgers Compliance office may be designating department/units as “covered entities”, which means they handle HIPAA data.  This will likely include many of the current RBHS units as well as others within legacy Rutgers.  In the future, all of these covered entities will have their email flow out of Office 365 be handled by Zix for proper HIPAA compliance.   For the current time, if your unit is not part of RBHS and you feel you do handle HIPAA data, please discuss this with OIT during the kick off meetings.  We can route your Office 365 emails through Zix.

    I’m not seeing all my folders in the folder list in Outlook Web Application. How do I see them all?

    When you first log in, the OWA displays only the most recently used folders. A “More” link appears below the folder list.  Click that to see all your folders.  The first set of most recently used folders will appear as “Favorites”, and the list of all folders below that, under your name. A scroll bar will appear next to the folder list, if necessary.

    If a folder has sub-folders, the parent folder will have a “v” symbol next to it.  Click that to see the sub-folders; the “v” turns into “^”.  Click the “^” to hide the sub-folders again.