Rutgers Connect FAQ

    What will happen to RCI?

    Just as we did with Eden and other OIT student systems in Camden and Newark, RCI and its equivalent in Camden and Newark (Andromeda, Crab) will have its email service turned off after email users are completely migrated off of RCI and a period of time has gone by, to make sure there are no issues and everything has been migrated successfully.  Other services (such as web sites, software access, and others) currently running on RCI, and the equivalent systems in Camden and Newark, will continue to run as needed.  In some cases, services may be moved to other systems.

    What are the benefits of all faculty/staff conducting all Rutgers business on university email addresses using Rutgers Connect? Why does Rutgers Connect not permit automatic forwarding of email from a Rutgers address to an independent one?

    There are many benefits of having all faculty/staff on Rutgers Connect:

    • Rutgers Connect offers a suite of applications to allow university units to collaborate and share calendars.  
    • Authentication and authorization can be managed seamlessly using NetID/password. 
    • Business continuity:  provides continued access to critical business resources in the event of administrative staff turnover
    • Security:  Microsoft has guaranteed that the data will not leave the United States.  Rutgers Connect only supports secured and encrypted connections. No unencrypted communications are permitted and the data is encrypted at rest.
    • In ABC News today, 500 million email accounts on Yahoo have been hacked (including stolen passwords). Security is very key in today’s world, and enhanced security (like preventing phishing attacks, virus, hacking) can be implemented on O365 but not necessarily will be implement to the same degree on other email services outside of the university.
    • Reliability of email services at Rutgers suffers, when auto forwarding of emails is allowed. Rutgers is then often blocked by outside sites because of the auto forwarding and the result is emails leaving the university can be disrupted at times affecting reliability.
    • Compromised account handling:  In the event of an account compromise, Rutgers can lock the account to protect the data of the account holder as well as the university.  Furthermore, Rutgers is required to report any breach of FERPA/HIPAA data by law. 
    • Rutgers Connect has dedicated network resources and private links to ensure reliability.  
    • Support:  Rutgers has access to offer an advanced level of support for Rutgers Connect.  

    Can we use Skype for Business PSTN Conferencing?

    While Skype for Business is part of the Office 365 suite, conference software was not part of the focus of the email and calendaring committee, users that have a Rutgers Connect account can now purchase a subscription for Microsoft Skype for Business PSTN Conferencing:

    Users that commonly organize PTSN conferencing meetings will require their own license as each license is associated with an individual user. 

    Skype for Business PSTN conferencing shares functionality of GoToMeeting/Webex.

    Will user passwords need to be changed as part of the migration?

    Office 365 will be using the standard Rutgers NetIDs and passwords, and will access this information via Active Directory.  As part of the migration process, users will need to change their passwords if they have not changed their password since January 2015 in order to update Active Directory. This intial sync wil take 30 minutes before a user can access their Rutgers Connect accounts. 

    All subquent password changes will take 3 minutes to sync to Rutgers Connect. 

    Will the current Zix implementation process change moving into the new system?

    Yes.  Zix will be used with Office 365 to handle outgoing emails for those departments/units which are “covered entities” (those that handle HIPAA data), the same process that is currently being done with RBHS.  One added change is that OIT is moving to using Zix in the cloud rather than Zix on the premises, which gives us better fault tolerance for Rutgers Connect in case of issues with Rutgers network connectivity.

    How do you attach an email to an email?

    Specific steps will differ according to the mail program you are using.

    In the Office 365 Web interface:

    1. Open the folder containing the message to be attached.
    2. Create a new email message.
    3. Drag the message from the folder list into the new email message.
    4. Address the message and send as usual.

    In the Outlook desktop client:

    1. Open the folder containing the message to be attached.
    2. Highlight the email in question.
    3. Press the CTRL + ALT + F keys.
    4. Address the message and send as usual.

    In Thunderbird:

    1. Open the folder containing the message to be attached.
    2. Create a new email message.
    3. In the Preview Pane, click on the message and drag it into the body of a new message.
    4. Address the message and send as usual.