Rutgers Connect FAQ

    Does the administration possess the ability to search entire Rutgers’ email traffic and use eDiscovery tools to view or access current or past email?

    All requests for access to email are carefully screened by Rutgers Legal and Compliance departments.  Rutgers has been required to provide such data using various tools in the past and the requirement here is not changing. 

    Rutgers email administrators have always had the capability to access account holder’s email but have only done so under direct guidance of Rutgers Legal in response to a subpoena, eDiscovery and OPRA requests.  Additionally, Microsoft keeps strict records on who accesses accounts, which cannot be modified by Rutgers.

    I’m not seeing all my folders in the folder list in Outlook Web Application. How do I see them all?

    When you first log in, the OWA displays only the most recently used folders. A “More” link appears below the folder list.  Click that to see all your folders.  The first set of most recently used folders will appear as “Favorites”, and the list of all folders below that, under your name. A scroll bar will appear next to the folder list, if necessary.

    If a folder has sub-folders, the parent folder will have a “v” symbol next to it.  Click that to see the sub-folders; the “v” turns into “^”.  Click the “^” to hide the sub-folders again.

    How is communications for this project being handled? Is there a Communications Plan?

    • Information is being communicated through emails to all faculty/staff from OIT.
    • More technical emails/information is being shared with IT staff via the ru_it@email mailing list.
    • Town Hall meetings have been held with the university IT staff.
    • University IT staff have and will continue to share information to their departments/units.
    • Announcements will also be posted in various OIT locations including Facebook, blogs, etc..
    • Training and other communications is being handled by Comparex  (our consulting/migration partner) working with the OIT communications working group for this project.
    • A communications plan by OIT is under development by OIT and should shortly be posted to the Rutgers Connect project website.

    Will Rutgers will have unauthorized access to my mobile device and email through Mobile Device Management? 

    The installation message on the mobile devices is misleading.  Rutgers can only lock the account or remote wipe the device at the request of the account holder in case the device is lost or compromised.  Intune does not give Rutgers access to view or manage the mobile device or email and other applications on the device. 

    How will eDiscovery and similar requests be handled?

    eDiscovery currently applies to all files stored on Rutgers Connect, including email, calendars, and OneDrive files. Office 365 features which are not HIPAA-compliant, etc., will not be available through Rutgers Connect for this reason. eDiscovery and OPRA requests will be administrated centrally by OIT, also removing this time-consuming task from departmental/unit IT staff.  There are also eDiscovery tools and an Archive available for eDiscovery that simplify the handling of eDiscovery and OPRA requests. 

    Because all Rutgers Connect data is subject to such requests, people should not use Rutgers Connect for personal files or messages.

    Will an organization with accounts on multiple email services be migrated per-service or per-department?

    Migration will occur per department and will involve migration from whichever current mail servers the department uses (keeping in mind the one-account-per-person requirement). For example, a department whose members have accounts on both RUMail and RCI will have those accounts migrated at the same time.  Other departments which also have accounts on both RUMail and RCI will have those accounts migrated when it is that department's turn.