Rutgers Connect FAQ

    Will Rutgers will have unauthorized access to my mobile device and email through Mobile Device Management? 

    The installation message on the mobile devices is misleading.  Rutgers can only lock the account or remote wipe the device at the request of the account holder in case the device is lost or compromised.  Intune does not give Rutgers access to view or manage the mobile device or email and other applications on the device. 

    Can we use Skype for Business PSTN Conferencing?

    While Skype for Business is part of the Office 365 suite, conference software was not part of the focus of the email and calendaring committee, users that have a Rutgers Connect account can now purchase a subscription for Microsoft Skype for Business PSTN Conferencing:

    Users that commonly organize PTSN conferencing meetings will require their own license as each license is associated with an individual user. 

    Skype for Business PSTN conferencing shares functionality of GoToMeeting/Webex.

    How will email aliases work? Will work as it does today? What type of addresses will be available for a user with NetID XXX on Rutgers Connect?

    The system will still be available and will continue to be able to handle incoming email addressed to and  Also with Rutgers Connect, if your department is placed in a specific domain within the Office 365 tenant (where the domain name is likely some variation of your department name), then addresses like or will also work.  Finally, internal to Office 365, email aliases can also be setup.  During the kick off meeting with each department’s IT staff, this will be discussed more fully.

    Is it safe to store Non-Public Personal Info (NPPI), HIPAA, or other restricted data on Office 365 (cloud)?

    Is it safe to store Non-Public Personal Info (NPPI), HIPAA, or other restricted data on Office 365 (cloud)?

    Is Rutgers Connect/Office 365 HIPAA, FERPA, GLBA, etc. compliant?

    Is it better to store this type of data on a local fileserver (which is kept updated and firewalled) within our building or in the Office 365 cloud (OneDrive)?

    • Office 365 is compliant with HIPAA, FERPA, GLBA, and others.  See:
    • Microsoft has provided Rutgers with a BAA.
    • Microsoft also has many documents on security and Office 365 including:
    • Security for sensitive data needs to happen not just in the cloud but also on the Rutgers side, including how the data is stored, transmitted and handled in the given department/unit of the University and by the users who have access to that data.  A department/unit handling sensitive data may also want to speak to the Rutgers Compliance office.
    • For those units/departments that are HIPAA-covered entities, their outgoing email will be routed through Zix for further protection within Rutgers Connect.  Please speak of your needs to OIT during the migration process.  See more information on Zix in the IT Staff FAQs.

    How is communications for this project being handled? Is there a Communications Plan?

    • Information is being communicated through emails to all faculty/staff from OIT.
    • More technical emails/information is being shared with IT staff via the ru_it@email mailing list.
    • Town Hall meetings have been held with the university IT staff.
    • University IT staff have and will continue to share information to their departments/units.
    • Announcements will also be posted in various OIT locations including Facebook, blogs, etc..
    • Training and other communications is being handled by Comparex  (our consulting/migration partner) working with the OIT communications working group for this project.
    • A communications plan by OIT is under development by OIT and should shortly be posted to the Rutgers Connect project website.