Rutgers Connect FAQ

    I can’t find some of my messages – is there anywhere I can check besides Clutter and Deleted Items?

    In addition to Clutter and Deleted Items, you should check your top-level folder when a message seems to have gone missing. In Outlook OWA, this folder appears above your inbox and is labeled with your full name (eg Fawn Jones); in desktop clients such as Outlook 2016 or Thunderbird, it is labeled with your email address (eg Once you have opened the top-level folder, you can drag any messages that might be there and drop them into your main inbox or one of its subfolders.

    How do we collect data for users on extended absence?

    Local IT staff will need to contact such users and determine the person's primary account. Data can be migrated for a person if they are not available and the department cannot communicate with the person.  But the person’s password to access this data will need to be reset for them to have access. This can be done when they come back or communicate with their department.

    Who is migrating?

    All Rutgers faculty and staff. Rutgers Connect will become the new official email service for all employees.

    Select student workers and guests will have their accounts migrated to Rutgers Connect as per the needs of individual units. Speak to your local IT support people if you have questions about this.

    How do I change how my name is displayed in Rutgers Connect?

    By default your name in Rutgers Connect is displayed as it appears in the payroll system. If you are in the process of a legal name change and your name will be changed in the payroll system, this change will be reflected in Rutgers Connect as well after it has been processed.

    If you want your name displayed differently than how it appears in payroll, you will need to speak to your Connect domain administrator. Not all changes are allowed, as your name must still be able to identify you. Listed below are some common examples of acceptable display names.

    • Using an abbreviation of your first name (eg Bob instead of Robert, A. instead of Arthur)
    • Displaying your middle name instead of your first name, or an abbreviation or common form of your middle name.
    • Displaying a nickname instead of your first name.
    • Displaying your first name (or alternative forms) and last names in a different order.

    Please note that this change will only affect the Global Address List. If anyone has you manually saved as a personal contact, that name will not be affected by the global change.

    Will an organization with accounts on multiple email services be migrated per-service or per-department?

    Migration will occur per department and will involve migration from whichever current mail servers the department uses (keeping in mind the one-account-per-person requirement). For example, a department whose members have accounts on both RUMail and RCI will have those accounts migrated at the same time.  Other departments which also have accounts on both RUMail and RCI will have those accounts migrated when it is that department's turn.

    Can I forward my Connect mail to my personal account?

    The Acceptable Use Policy no longer allows automatic forwarding from Rutgers Connect. Rutgers Connect is the official email and calendaring solution for all Rutgers business. This is necessary to provide effective business continuity and eDiscovery with Rutgers business data.
    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but to keep it safe and secure you are unable to forward mail from Rutgers Connect.