Rutgers Connect FAQ

    How can I collect and send email headers in the OWA or the Outlook desktop client?

    Collecting email headers can be done the same way for OWA as well as Outlook 2016, 2013, and 2010 on both Windows and Mac. The easiest method is to compose a new email and then drag the email whose headers you would like to collect into this new email. The message will be added as an attachment and all of its information, including headers, will be available to the support staff you are asked to send them to. Although this is the easiest way, users who are concerned about sharing message content may prefer an alternative which shares only header information. In OWA, right-click a message in your inbox and click “View Message Details” from the context menu, then copy the text displayed and paste it into an email. In the desktop client, open the message in a new window, click “File” > “Properties”, copy all text from the “Internet Headers” box, and paste it into an email. For more information about email headers, users may wish to view .

    How do we collect data for users on extended absence?

    Local IT staff will need to contact such users and determine the person's primary account. Data can be migrated for a person if they are not available and the department cannot communicate with the person.  But the person’s password to access this data will need to be reset for them to have access. This can be done when they come back or communicate with their department.