Rutgers Connect FAQ

    Will Rutgers Connect have a delegated administration interface for managing accounts within a domain (similar to what Zimbra provides, for example)? What exactly will be delegated?

    There will be some level of administrative delegation available.  OIT hopes to make as much administrative duties delegated to the departmental/unit IT staff as possible (in a secure manner).  The exact nature (what can be delegated) is under investigation by OIT and our migration/consulting partner, Comparex.  Departmental IT responsibilities will not necessarily “go away”, but should be simpler in many areas (including eDiscovery, which will be centralized and handled by OIT).  Delegated administration will be performed via a web-based administration console.

    After migration, should departmental/unit email servers be turned off (decommissioned)?

    After an appropriate time elapses to ensure that all users and their data have been successfully migrated to Office 365, and all services that are provided by these systems have also been migrated or no longer needed, then yes, it would make sense to decommission these servers.   This will, of course, be up to the department/unit. 

    How do we collect data for users on extended absence?

    Local IT staff will need to contact such users and determine the person's primary account. Data can be migrated for a person if they are not available and the department cannot communicate with the person.  But the person’s password to access this data will need to be reset for them to have access. This can be done when they come back or communicate with their department.

    How will eDiscovery and similar requests be handled?

    eDiscovery currently applies to all files stored on Rutgers Connect, including email, calendars, and OneDrive files. Office 365 features which are not HIPAA-compliant, etc., will not be available through Rutgers Connect for this reason. eDiscovery and OPRA requests will be administrated centrally by OIT, also removing this time-consuming task from departmental/unit IT staff.  There are also eDiscovery tools and an Archive available for eDiscovery that simplify the handling of eDiscovery and OPRA requests. 

    Because all Rutgers Connect data is subject to such requests, people should not use Rutgers Connect for personal files or messages.