Rutgers Connect FAQ

    After migration, should departmental/unit email servers be turned off (decommissioned)?

    After an appropriate time elapses to ensure that all users and their data have been successfully migrated to Office 365, and all services that are provided by these systems have also been migrated or no longer needed, then yes, it would make sense to decommission these servers.   This will, of course, be up to the department/unit. 

    How can I collect and send email headers in the OWA or the Outlook desktop client?

    Collecting email headers can be done the same way for OWA as well as Outlook 2016, 2013, and 2010 on both Windows and Mac. The easiest method is to compose a new email and then drag the email whose headers you would like to collect into this new email. The message will be added as an attachment and all of its information, including headers, will be available to the support staff you are asked to send them to. Although this is the easiest way, users who are concerned about sharing message content may prefer an alternative which shares only header information. In OWA, right-click a message in your inbox and click “View Message Details” from the context menu, then copy the text displayed and paste it into an email. In the desktop client, open the message in a new window, click “File” > “Properties”, copy all text from the “Internet Headers” box, and paste it into an email. For more information about email headers, users may wish to view .

    Who is migrating?

    All Rutgers faculty and staff. Rutgers Connect will become the new official email service for all employees.

    Select student workers and guests will have their accounts migrated to Rutgers Connect as per the needs of individual units. Speak to your local IT support people if you have questions about this.

    How is communications for this project being handled? Is there a Communications Plan?

    • Information is being communicated through emails to all faculty/staff from OIT.
    • More technical emails/information is being shared with IT staff via the ru_it@email mailing list.
    • Town Hall meetings have been held with the university IT staff.
    • University IT staff have and will continue to share information to their departments/units.
    • Announcements will also be posted in various OIT locations including Facebook, blogs, etc..
    • Training and other communications is being handled by Comparex  (our consulting/migration partner) working with the OIT communications working group for this project.
    • A communications plan by OIT is under development by OIT and should shortly be posted to the Rutgers Connect project website.