Rutgers Connect FAQ

    Can I use OneDrive as a backup server for my files?

    All data on Rutgers Connect itself (email, calendars, OneDrive) is automatically backed up by Microsoft. But you should not use OneDrive as backup storage for your desktop files, for a number of reasons.

    • There is a transfer limit for downloading files, of any type, from OneDrive. You may not be able to retrieve files as rapidly as you were able to upload them to OneDrive. Avoid storing very large files on OneDrive until you are more familiar with how rapidly you can retrieve files.
    • All data stored on Rutgers Connect (including email and other files, whether business-related or personal) is subject to eDiscovery or OPRA requests, as are files and other data stored on work equipment (such as a Rutgers-provided laptop/desktop/mobile device). You should keep personal email and files off of all Rutgers equipment and services if you don't want the personal files to be included in such requests.

    Why is the from field in Outlook not my primary email address?

    Rutgers Connect supplies users with two identifiers:

    • Sign In Address. This will always be in the format of If you would like confirmation on what your Rutgers Connect sign in information is, please visit the Manage Email address page at Your sign in address can be found in the Rutgers Connect Account Information section.
    • Primary Address.  A primary address is the email address your Rutgers Connect account will send mail from. You can set your primary address using the directions found at:

    Outlook will show your Sign In Address in the from field:

    This cannot be changed. Messages sent out via Outlook will be sent from your Primary Address, despite the From field displaying your Sign In address. 



    How do I change how my name is displayed in Rutgers Connect?

    By default your name in Rutgers Connect is displayed as it appears in the payroll system. If you are in the process of a legal name change and your name will be changed in the payroll system, this change will be reflected in Rutgers Connect as well after it has been processed.

    If you want your name displayed differently than how it appears in payroll, you will need to speak to your Connect domain administrator. Not all changes are allowed, as your name must still be able to identify you. Listed below are some common examples of acceptable display names.

    • Using an abbreviation of your first name (eg Bob instead of Robert, A. instead of Arthur)
    • Displaying your middle name instead of your first name, or an abbreviation or common form of your middle name.
    • Displaying a nickname instead of your first name.
    • Displaying your first name (or alternative forms) and last names in a different order.

    Please note that this change will only affect the Global Address List. If anyone has you manually saved as a personal contact, that name will not be affected by the global change.

    Is it safe to store Non-Public Personal Info (NPPI), HIPAA, or other restricted data on Office 365 (cloud)?

    Is it safe to store Non-Public Personal Info (NPPI), HIPAA, or other restricted data on Office 365 (cloud)?

    Is Rutgers Connect/Office 365 HIPAA, FERPA, GLBA, etc. compliant?

    Is it better to store this type of data on a local fileserver (which is kept updated and firewalled) within our building or in the Office 365 cloud (OneDrive)?

    • Office 365 is compliant with HIPAA, FERPA, GLBA, and others.  See:
    • Microsoft has provided Rutgers with a BAA.
    • Microsoft also has many documents on security and Office 365 including:
    • Security for sensitive data needs to happen not just in the cloud but also on the Rutgers side, including how the data is stored, transmitted and handled in the given department/unit of the University and by the users who have access to that data.  A department/unit handling sensitive data may also want to speak to the Rutgers Compliance office.
    • For those units/departments that are HIPAA-covered entities, their outgoing email will be routed through Zix for further protection within Rutgers Connect.  Please speak of your needs to OIT during the migration process.  See more information on Zix in the IT Staff FAQs.