Rutgers Connect FAQ

    A suspicious-looking email was removed from my inbox, but I didn’t do it. Did someone go into my account?

    No email filtering system is perfect, so occasionally a dangerous phishing message may get past O365’s spam filtering. In the event that this happens, OIT will protect users by removing these messages post-delivery from the mailboxes of all the people who received it. Users may be concerned when they notice these messages disappear from their mailbox, but it is important to note that this removal does not indicate any sort of compromise. The messages are removed without anyone from OIT accessing the user's mailbox or reading their mail; it is done in bulk, and this admin activity is logged. Copies of the removed messages are preserved for a short period of time to ensure no unintended messages were removed.

    What will happen to my old account/address?

    Current plans are to maintain existing OIT email systems for approximately one year after migration, as a precaution, to allow people to reclaim anything which may have been forgotten in the migration. However, these systems will not be receiving new messages after the migration.

    Departmental mail servers will be decommissioned as per departmental needs. Check with your local IT support for more information.

    How many of my email accounts will be migrating? What if I have multiple accounts on different systems that are used for different aspects of my workflow?

    If you have multiple personal Rutgers email accounts, you'll need to choose one as your main email account.  Email will be migrated to Rutgers Connect only from the service where you keep your main email.  This is due to the cost involved and our contract with our Migration/Consulting partner. You can move email, calendars, and contact information to the to-be-migrated account from the others, or you can manually migrate such material to your account later. This will be discussed more in depth at the kick off meetings [link]. Speak to local IT support regarding your preference as to the account to be migrated.

    If you use departmental or resource accounts for some of your work, an equivalent will be provided on Rutgers Connect, and those accounts will also be migrated.

    Can an RBHS affiliate obtain a Scarletmail?

    If you are an affiliate of the Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences department and are attempting to activate your NetID for the first time, you may receive an error stating that there is no email address associated with your account.  This is because those with an active RBHS role are typically flagged in our systems as having access to Protected Health Information (PHI) and, therefore, are not allowed to set a Scarletmail, EDEN, or RCI account as a delivery address for themselves.  RBHS affiliates may be able to obtain a Scarletmail but cannot use it as a delivery address nor as their primary email address.

    The primary email service that is provided to RBHS users is Connect (Office 365). This service is better encrypted to keep protected information secure, however, it is not automatically activated for RBHS employees and must be requested by their respective department. Since Connect accounts are not automatically obtained like Scarletmail accounts, if an RBHS worker does not have one upon activating their NetID they will be prompted with an error message.

    RBHS users are only allowed to set a delivery address that is an RBHS email account. They are only allowed to use their alias or RBHS email account as an official Rutgers email address and are not permitted to forward their RBHS email to another account.

    How can App developers use group accounts to send email?

    OIT has two services to handle this issue.  One service will handle the above issue for hardware (printers, fax machines, etc.) and the other service will handle software/application needs.  Information on this can be found at . You should also bring this up at the kick off meeting with your department (or contact OIT ahead of time).