Rutgers Connect FAQ

    Will it be necessary to reconfigure peoples mobile devices and desktop systems for those using Rutgers Connect?

    Yes.  Their mobile devices and desktops need to point to the new email and calendar service.  The reconfiguration may be performed by the departmental/unit IT support staff or possibly by the end user themselves.  Information on reconfiguration will be made available on the Rutgers Connect web site (

    How do I create an alias for my Rutgers email?

    To create an email alias for your Rutgers email address please follow the steps below
    1. Navigate to

    2. Under personalized addresses, you may create an email alias and click the Add Personalized Address button to add the alias

    After completing the steps above you should be able to receive emails sent to your alias in the accounts listed under delivery email account.

    For further questions, please call the Help Desk at 848-445-4357.

     What Rutgers email addresses do I have access to?

    You can identify what Rutgers email addresses you have access to at, click the "Manage Email Addresses" link. You will be able to identify your alias, delivery, and official Rutgers email addresses. 

    If you are a current student, faculty member, staff member, guest or alumni with Rutgers and you have activated the ScarletApps service at the "Service Activation" link on the same website, you will have access to a Scarletmail account. ScarletMail is the official email service for Rutgers affiliates. You can access this account at by selecting the “Mail” application. You would log in with your and your NetID password.

    If you are a current faculty or staff member within the university, you are most likely auto-provisioned for a Connect (Office 365) account. Connect is slowly removing and replacing RCI accounts. Connect accounts are mostly administered within a department. Most departments have migrated to Connect, but the goal is to have all departments migrated in the near future. For existing users in a department that are not yet migrated, you will have to wait until your department has migrated your account or request one from your departmental IT personnel.  

    Your alias addresses are personalized email addresses typically in the form of “” to provide an alternate, professional display. It allows the option of a different public address aside from your typical NetID address to provide to others. All mail sent to any alias address that you publicly display will be sent to your delivery address(es). Your delivery addresses can be your Scarletmail account, your Connect account, and/or a personal account depending on your role with the university. Your official Rutgers email address is the email address displayed for others that wish to locate your contact information through

    What are the benefits of Office 365?

    Office 365 is a cloud-based email and calendaring system that will provide better collaboration within and between departments, improved email and calendaring services, excellent spam and virus filtering, a resilient system with 99.95% uptime, and a service that provides many other useful collaboration, education and business tools.  For more information, see

    How private is the information I keep on Rutgers Connect? Who (beyond the sender and intended recipient) has access to emails and other documents stored by the enterprise version of Office 365, and under what circumstances?

    How to set up direct deposit?

      Please follow the steps given below to set up direct deposit: 

    1. Navigate to, click the “Login” button at the top right corner, and log in using your NetID and password 






    2. Click on the "Employee Self Service" tab near the top of the screen 




    3. On the left-hand side, select "Direct Deposit" 




    4. Click "Add Account" 



    5. Verify your SSN, and on the following page fill out the requested information regarding your bank account: Routing number, account number, account type, deposit type, and deposit order. 






    Under deposit type, you will also find an option titled “Percent” where you may choose how to split your checks to two accounts. 




    In this example, the account is set to have 50% of the check sent to account #1, and the remaining portion of the check will go to account #2 


    6. Hit Submit to complete direct deposit setup. 


    What are the Security Features of Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) ?

    Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) acts as a second layer of protection for attachments and links included in email messages for Rutgers Connect. ATP is compromised of two components:

    Attachment Scanning:

    All attachments never before seen by Rutgers Connect, including those attached to external and internal messages, will be thoroughly checked for any possible malware components by ATP.   If ATP detects a malicious attachment, it will remove the attachment and deliver the email with a note regarding the removed attachment.

    This scanning may delay the delivery of a message by a few seconds or minutes. 

    URL Scanning and Wrapping:

    ATP will scan and follow all web addresses (URLs) arriving from outside Rutgers Connect for known malicious content, including both malware and phishing sites.  Links viewed in plain text mail will be rewritten to link first to a address and will likely be longer than the original URL. Non-harmful links will act normally when clicked on, while links identified as harmful will redirect the user to a warning page. 

    The protections afforded by ATP also extends to Office 2016 ProPlus desktop applications. Harmful links found in Office documents will be protected by the same webpage-scanning and link-blocking technologies described above, adding a layer of protection to the desktop environment. 

    Additional information regarding Advanced Threat Protection for Rutgers Connect can be found at

    Will retiree accounts be provided and supported?

    Retirees can open ScarletMail accounts to replace accounts on systems which are being decommissioned (e.g., Migration to ScarletMail will not be part of the Rutgers Connect migration. OIT will notify retirees with RCI accounts when they need to migrate to ScarletMail and will provide some level of migration support, yet to be determined. Departments maintaining retiree accounts on their own systems should encourage their retirees to create and move to ScarletMail accounts now. Guest accounts on Rutgers Connect can be requested for retirees actively working with a department (e.g., a professor emeritus). If a retiree is also listed as current Rutgers Faculty or Staff, that person can have a Rutgers Connect account for as long as that Faculty/Staff role is active.