Rutgers Connect FAQ

    Will it be necessary to reconfigure peoples mobile devices and desktop systems for those using Rutgers Connect?

    Yes.  Their mobile devices and desktops need to point to the new email and calendar service.  The reconfiguration may be performed by the departmental/unit IT support staff or possibly by the end user themselves.  Information on reconfiguration will be made available on the Rutgers Connect web site (

    What are the benefits of Office 365?

    Office 365 is a cloud-based email and calendaring system that will provide better collaboration within and between departments, improved email and calendaring services, excellent spam and virus filtering, a resilient system with 99.95% uptime, and a service that provides many other useful collaboration, education and business tools.  For more information, see

    How private is the information I keep on Rutgers Connect? Who (beyond the sender and intended recipient) has access to emails and other documents stored by the enterprise version of Office 365, and under what circumstances?

    Will there be consulting services to help departments prepare for migrations?

    Yes. Approximately 1 month prior to a department's migration, a kickoff meeting will be held with the department's IT staff, OIT, and the migration consultants, to help in discovery of departmental needs. Our migration consultants will provide additional consultations on how best to migrate specific circumstances, as required.

    Will Rutgers will have unauthorized access to my mobile device and email through Mobile Device Management? 

    The installation message on the mobile devices is misleading.  Rutgers can only lock the account or remote wipe the device at the request of the account holder in case the device is lost or compromised.  Intune does not give Rutgers access to view or manage the mobile device or email and other applications on the device. 

    After migration, should departmental/unit email servers be turned off (decommissioned)?

    After an appropriate time elapses to ensure that all users and their data have been successfully migrated to Office 365, and all services that are provided by these systems have also been migrated or no longer needed, then yes, it would make sense to decommission these servers.   This will, of course, be up to the department/unit.