Rutgers Connect FAQ

    What are the benefits of Office 365?

    Office 365 is a cloud-based email and calendaring system that will provide better collaboration within and between departments, improved email and calendaring services, excellent spam and virus filtering, a resilient system with 99.95% uptime, and a service that provides many other useful collaboration, education and business tools.  For more information, see

    Will it be necessary to reconfigure peoples mobile devices and desktop systems for those using Rutgers Connect?

    Yes.  Their mobile devices and desktops need to point to the new email and calendar service.  The reconfiguration may be performed by the departmental/unit IT support staff or possibly by the end user themselves.  Information on reconfiguration will be made available on the Rutgers Connect web site (

    How to activate your NetID?

    You can follow the instructions below to activate your NetID.

    1- Please visit:​

    2- Select NetID Activation from the links on the left
    3- On the next page enter in all the information and select continue
    4- If successful the next page will ask you to set a password
    5- Once you have successfully set your password you will be directed to the services activation
    6 - You should then be directed to setup your email services

    If you are a new incoming student and are having issues with activating your NetID please double check that you have completed the following as these are prerequisites to getting a NetID:
    - Accepted my admission to Rutgers
    - Paid my acceptance fee more than 3 business days prior to attempting to activate NetID

    If you are a new faculty/staff and are having issues with activating your NetID please double check the following as these are prerequisites to getting a NetID: 
    - Completed the HR Onboarding Process
    - Had HR process paperwork more than 3 business days prior to attempting to activate NetID.

    If you are a new Guest and are having issues with activating their NetID the cause may be the following:
    - Filled out the Guest Request Form
    - Had a University Faculty or Staff Sponsor the Guest Request
    - Do you have a pseudo-SSN or Regular SSN?

    How to set up Emergency Notification System?

    To register for the Emergency Notification System (ENS) please follow the steps below: 
    1. Go to
    2. Click on Manage your ENS subscription. 
    3. Click on Update Your Role Contact Information. The Role, in this case, would be your position at Rutgers. For example Student, Faculty, or Staff. 
    4. Under the In Case Of A Rutgers Emergency tab, please select the campus for which you want the updates. 
    5. Update your phone number under the Send emergency text messages to my mobile phone tab. 
    6. Please make sure to check mark the two Opt-in tabs and then click on Save & Verify.

    For any further questions contact the Office of Emergency Management by calling 848-932-4880

    How private is the information I keep on Rutgers Connect? Who (beyond the sender and intended recipient) has access to emails and other documents stored by the enterprise version of Office 365, and under what circumstances?

    Will Rutgers Connect have a delegated administration interface for managing accounts within a domain (similar to what Zimbra provides, for example)? What exactly will be delegated?

    There will be some level of administrative delegation available.  OIT hopes to make as much administrative duties delegated to the departmental/unit IT staff as possible (in a secure manner).  The exact nature (what can be delegated) is under investigation by OIT and our migration/consulting partner, Comparex.  Departmental IT responsibilities will not necessarily “go away”, but should be simpler in many areas (including eDiscovery, which will be centralized and handled by OIT).  Delegated administration will be performed via a web-based administration console.

    Will there be consulting services to help departments prepare for migrations?

    Yes. Approximately 1 month prior to a department's migration, a kickoff meeting will be held with the department's IT staff, OIT, and the migration consultants, to help in discovery of departmental needs. Our migration consultants will provide additional consultations on how best to migrate specific circumstances, as required.