Adobe Software Discount Program

The Office of Information Technology is pleased to announce the availability of a new discount program for Adobe products.  Under the program, all existing departmental VIP (Value Incentive Plan) agreements purchased through CDWG have been linked under a newly established Rutgers Linked VIP agreement.

This action provides all departments the highest volume discount (Tier 4) for both new Adobe VIP agreements and for existing Adobe VIP renewals regardless of how many licenses are purchased.

Under the program, Adobe Creative Cloud is included; additionally individual software product subscriptions for Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, InDesign, etc. may be purchased.

The process allows individual local departmental administration to continue in place while the Rutgers Adobe VIP Linked membership provides the optimum pricing for Rutgers. Requests for an Adobe VIP agreement need to be sent via email to the reseller selected by Procurement, CDWG to be included in the Rutgers Adobe Membership VIP agreement.

Process details can be found in the FAQ; please allow sufficient time for the procurement process and remember to check progress with the department administrator throughout transactions to ensure requests are moving forward.