Web Accessibility

At Rutgers, the primary aim of web accessibility is to make Rutgers websites available to everyone, including users of assistive technologies and people with disabilities. In pursuit of this goal, we strive to be compliant with the latest web accessibility guidelines. We also want to make you aware of the free do-it-yourself tools for developers and designers to assess web page accessibility, as well as provide tutorials for their use.

Site Standards
Looking to make your website more accessible? Check out some tools and guidelines that can help you get started!
Review Checklist
Take a look at our Review Checklist to find out information on what makes a website accessible, common website accessibility problems, and techniques to help solve issues in accessibility.
Development Tools & Toolbars
Here are a few free tools and toolbars available, ranging from accessibility markup analyzers to color contrast analyzers and more.
Content Management Systems
Check out some of the Content Management Systems available for the creation and publishing of web content.
WorldSpace Deque Comply
Learn more about the enterprise scanning tool purchased for Rutgers faculty & staff